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Field Of Dreams

The barn which originally stood on the plot

Posted Date: 30th Dec 2011

Work is well underway in this building project so here we present a short story board of the build so far.  The site presents many challenges, but the breath-taking views make it clear why this will be such a special home.

This barn was originally situated on the site and was demolished and cleared ready for Quest's arrival.  The ground was then test-drilled to ascertain the depth and type of foundations required.  This project called for Continous Flight Augered Piled foundations


UPDATE: Work here is now completed!! Photographs of the finished home are now at the end of this story board . Feel free to get in touch and let us know your comments and questions.

The barn originally located on the site.
Drilling to check soil conditions
Shows depth of foundations ready for piling mat, for continuous flight auger piled foundations.
Concrete beams fitted on top of piles.
Litecast XT beam and block flooring - the beautifully clean lines show the quality of the workmanship.
Brickwork underway, garage walls are up.
Pipework being laid for underfloor heating.
Joists in place.
Flooring being laid.
The roof is now well under way.
Chimney in place.
Roof complete, ready for slating
View from interior - windows fitted.
View from interior, Dorma window
Showing roof on and windows fitted
View from rear showing solar panels in place.
Field Of Dreams
Field Of Dreams
Field Of Dreams
Field Of Dreams
Field Of Dreams
Field Of Dreams
Field Of Dreams