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Build Assure - the new name for Masterbond Warranties

Posted Date: 01st Aug 2012

Quest Design and Build meet the strict qualification criteria to be Masterbond (soon to be called Build Assure) member builders.  Please find below an article from the FMB's website explaining the reasons for their rebranding of the Masterbond warranty product and what that means for you, our Customer.


Build Assure is coming. Changes are afoot at the NRWB and 1 January 2012 sees the biggest change for a decade.


Names which are well known with the FMB membership such as NRWB, (National Register of Warranted Builders) and MasterBond are to disappear to be replaced by Build Assure. Why? Well read on...


NRWB has been writing latent defects insurance for over twenty years. It has a wealth of experience in the insurance industry and is well respected in the City. I often come across people who we don't actually do business with but who have heard of us or are aware of our sound reputation. The trouble is that all we write is latent defects insurance and we only do that for a limited membership of FMB. So why waste all of that advantage?

Build Assure logo


What NRWB needed was a new name, a new brand and a mandate to do 'exactly what is says on the tin'. So welcome to Build Assure. Build Assure will do what the name suggests, it will provide confidence to consumers who are thinking about having building work carried out but who are daunted by the experience of having a builder in their home. Build Assure will be an incarnation of the old MasterBond policy but it will be available direct to the consumer, it can be purchased on line and additional benefits such as inspections will be available which provide peace of mind and ensure that your final account will be paid on time.




As well as going direct to consumers the insurances available from Build Assure will expand. From 1 January 2012 Build Assure will be writing new homes business (an area that we have not been able to write in the past). This will be a direct benefit to those members of the FMB who build dwellings in small numbers and who have previously had to go elsewhere for their warranty. I want the phrase 'have you tried Build Assure' to trip of everyone's tongue whether they be a trader or a member of the public.



And if all that wasn't enough Build Assure will be able to offer you competitive premiums for your public liability insurance, your employers liability insurance, van, fleet, tools, personal accident, home, contents etc etc etc. Build Assure will be your one stop shop for all manner of things required to operate your business effectively. How? Well we are tired of hearing from members that they can obtain cheaper insurance from the company down the road than they can from their trade association. You shouldn't be able to do this. Build Assure will become your broker of choice. It will take your individual requirements and offer them to the insurance marketplace to obtain the best quote possible for your business. That way, you can get on with running your business secure in the knowledge that you are properly covered at a competitive price. One word of caution however, this element of the Build Assure brand will not be available until later in 2012. But we will deliver. That I can guarantee.



Build Assure is going places! You will notice a change in the literature that we supply, in the logos provided for your vans and in the way in which we deliver our services. You will soon be able to access the new website at www.fmbuildassure.co.uk where you will find little people, families, pets and a whole host of different building types. We haven't gone daft we are just appealing to your customers; the consumers who buy your services to improve their homes. Think of the confused.com adverts and others like them which become familiar to us and by their very nature stay with us long after they have left your TV screens. It is all about building a brand and becoming better known for what you do best.