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Customer Testimonial

  1. Why did you choose Quest?


They were the lowest of the 4 quotations received (which were all based on a detailed specification). Quest's quotation was at least as detailed and in some cases more detailed than the other quotations. With one or two minor omissions they had captured all the requirements of the specification within their proposal (Some of the other quotations had significant exclusions and/or deviations from the specification).


 We viewed two other properties (one complete and one in progress) and the owners gave encouraging accounts of their experience of working with Quest.

 Quest had completed the build of a new bungalow immediately behind our property and we had been impressed with their methods and the standard of their work. Our neighbour commented that he had been more than happy with the whole process.

2.  What were your preconceived notions of using a builder? Did they change?

We were working to a tight budget and had some slight reservations regarding the builder charging for all sorts of 'extras'. This is partly why we prepared a detailed specification for them to quote against. Despite this there were a few extras along the way (not an excessive number) but these were always fully justified, fairly priced and agreed prior to work commencing.

3.  What did you like the most about working with Quest?


Given that we lived in the property throughout the project, Quest had to work around us being there which we appreciate was not easy for them at times.

They were more than happy to 'give and take' in terms of credits and debits where we carried out some work or free issued materials that were in their original scope. They were also prepared to let us purchase materials through their accounts and realise their discounts etc. For example on a couple of occasions we shared a load of materials that were being delivered.


Very fair with extras and pricing thereof. Were patient when waiting for us to complete work in order for them to proceed further (i.e. us tiling bathrooms to allow the plumber to fit sanitary ware).


They were always on site on time and when they said they would be

They worked longer days and weekends when it needed it and accepting that the freezing weather stopped bricklaying for all of December they pretty much completed the work in the timescales agreed at the outset.

Friendliness and trustworthiness

Quest and all their sub-contractors were always friendly and well mannered. We quickly built up a rapport with them all and were happy to leave them on their own (including opening up and locking up at each end of the day).

4.  Did you expect it to go so well?

We hoped it would go as well as it did but probably expected that there would be one or two significant problems along the way. We can honestly say that we didn't have a single dispute. Any issues that came up along the way were always promptly, amicably and fairly resolved.

5.  Did you have any hesitations before you hired Quest?  If so how were they overcome?

I think you'll always have concerns when hiring someone to carry out work for you and especially on such a large, complicated project, but having done our homework we were as comfortable as we could be that we were making the right decision.

 6.  Can you think of the 3 biggest benefits from hiring Quest?





 Sorry that's 4!

 If you were to recommend Quest how would you describe the way the service was provided?

 First class service, very flexible and fair, friendly and trustworthy, good communication, always ready to ask questions and to listen to and accommodate our requirements.

 Are there any additional comments you wish to make?

We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Quest Design and Build. They made a fantastic job of the extensive alterations and extensions to our property working under difficult conditions at times (we lived in the property throughout which meant working around us and our needs). Adrian, Dave and all their sub-contractors were a pleasure to work with.

Mr Mark Arbon
Extensive Alterations

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