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Customer Testimonial


1. Why did you choose Quest?

Quest had been working in the area and came recommended to us. We were able to view some of their work, which turned out to be just what we were looking for in design and quality.

2. What were your preconceived notions of using a builder? Did that change?

We've previously used builders for minor projects but never something on this scale. For us this was a "once only" project and we were determined to get it right. I was nervous about engaging with someone to take on our project and we did get several quotes. We were also wary about taking on a company that were not known to us, or, we felt uncomfortable with. When we first met with Adrian and Dave they put us at ease, made us feel in control. They outlined the end to end process and we got a really good feel for them as a unit. We felt we could work well with them and their outward look was very customer focussed. Although not the cheapest quote they were competitive, and more importantly which swung it for us, we felt we would get the job we wanted to the standards we expected - and we did!

3. What did you like the most about working with Quest?

This falls into the previous question as it was a bit of a preconceived notion that builders would turn up at 10 and leave at 4! The Quest team were on site before 8am every day and the cement mixer was on before the kettle. I liked that! They were well organised, cleaned up at the end of the day and left the site safe and accessible. Something that we were afraid of having 2 young children - which they entertained daily by the way! They had a great work ethic and team spirit, there was no loud music or bad language and everyone they brought in seemed to have a real drive to deliver a good job.

4. Did you expect it to go so well?

It did take a long time, something that we weren't ready for, however that was partly down to the weather and Quest having to accommodate our changes that we just didn't factor in at the start of the project (like a Kitchen, under floor heating, lighting!) Apart from that it went really well.

5. Did you have any hesitations before you hired Quest? If so how were they overcome?

No. Once we'd made the decision and negotiated to a level we were comfortable with we were off and running. All our deliberations were in making the final decision that we wanted to extend the house in the first place!

6. Can you think of the 3 biggest benefits from hiring Quest?

I didn't have to do anything!

We got just what we wanted

Expectations were set and exceeded

7. If you were to recommend Quest how would you describe the way the service was provided?

A customer focussed and quality assured service from end to end. We've already made verbal recommendations to several people and I know Quest have a good name in the area.

Mr S Blamire

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